Captain Kathryn Janeway, Commanding Officer USS Voyager, 5" poseable figure by Bandai Playmates. 1995 Paramount Pictures.

Stock no: 6481


Exclusive Inaugaral Edition Playmates 'Skybox' Collector Card.


Delta Quadrant Accessories:

Type II-B phaser - Personal Issue Defensive Armament

Starfleet Tricorder - Portable sensor and sound/visual recording system

Personal Access Display Device (PADD) - handheld information and control unit.

Desktop Monitor - Starship library computer interface terminal.


Bonus: Starfleet display base.


Secondhand but sealed as new.  Figure in excellent condition.  Cardboard - slight creases due to age. 

Price inclusive of postage

Captain Kathryn Janeway 5" poseable figure by Bandai Playmates