Commander Spock 5" poseable figure by Bandai Playmates. 1995 Paramount Pictures.

From Classic Star Trek movie series - 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979'.

Stock no: 6452

Exclusie Skybox/Playmates Deluxe Star Trek Movie Series Collector Card included!


Features Galactic Accessories:

StarFleet Tricorder - standard data processing device for all away missions.

Engineering Tool - allows Spock to handle practically any breakdown that might occur on the Enterprise.

Vulcan Kolinahr Necklace - Ritual decoration used in ancient Vulcan ceremonies leading to the elimination of all emotional responses.

V'GER Spacecraft Section - Collect all five Star Trek: The Motion Picture figures to assemble the entire V'GER model.


Bonus: Star Trek Movie Action base.


Secondhand but sealed as new.  Figure in excellent condition.  Cardboard - slight crease in bottom corners due to age.


Price inclusive of postage

Commander Spock 5" poseable figure by Bandai Playmates