Lieutenant Uhura 5" poseable figure by Bandai Playmates. 1995 Paramount Pictures.

From Classic Star Trek movie series - 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979'.

Stock no: 6455

Exclusive Skybox/Playmates Delux Star Trek Movie Series Collector Card included!


Features Galactic Accessories:

Tricorder - Portable device which gives quick analysis of field data and can store information for later study.

Starfleet Wrist Communicator - Uhura remains in contact with the Enterprise through this com-link, which the transporter can also lock onto.

PADD - Counterpart to the Tricorder - the PADD both stores information and provides a link to the computers on the enterprise.

V'GER Spacecraft Section - Collect all five Star Trek: The Motion Picture figures to assemble the entire V'GER model.


Bonus: Star Trek Movie Action base.


Secondhand but sealed as new.  Figure in excellent condition.  Cardboard - slight creases due to age.


Price inclusive of postage

Lieutenant Uhura 5" poseable figure by Bandai Playmates