Mister Spock 5" poseable figure by Bandai Playmates. 1996 Paramount Pictures.

From the original 'Star Trek' TV series - Pilot Episode 'The Cage'.

Stock no: 16038

Exclusive 30th Anniversary Playmates 'Skybox' Collector Card.


Talos IV Accessories:

Starfleet Communicator - Personal communications Transceiver and Locator.

Desktop Monitor - Starship Library Computer Interface Terminal.

Landing Party Specimen Case - Planetary Survey Samples Container.

Starfleet hand laser - Personal issue defensive armament.


Bonus: 30th Anniversary action base.


Secondhand but sealed as new.  Figure in excellent condition.  Cardboard - slight creases due to age. Part of picture on back come off.


Price inclusive of postage

Mister Spock 5" poseable figure by Bandai Playmates