The Mugatu 5" poseable figure by Bandai Playmates. 1997 Paramount Pictures.

From the hit TV show 'Star Trek' - Episode 'A Private Little War'.

Stock no: 16042

Exclusive Skybox/Playmates collector card.


Planetary Survey Collectibles:

Mako Root - Plant used by Kahn-ut-tu women to Counter Mugatu poison.

Hill Peoples Drum - Musical instrument used in Kahn-ut-tu Healing Rituals.

Flintlock - Primitive musket given the villagers by the Klingons.

Type II phaser - Personal Issue Defensive Armament.


Bonus: Alien Action base.


Secondhand but sealed as new.  Figure in excellent condition.  Cardboard - slight creases due to age.


Price inclusive of postage

The Mugatu 5" poseable figure by Bandai Playmates